Cotares Limited

Cotares Developer Portal

We supply systems, consultancy, technology transfer and licensing of IP arising out of our research. This is mainly in the fields of routing, map matching, scheduling and a variety of optimisation tasks including Parking Tours.

In the interactive demonstrations calls are made directly to a Routing Service running at Cotares Ltd. It is a fully documented Microsoft WCF stand-alone Service for which clients can be written straightforwardly in Java or C#. The Routing Service, including Parking Tours, can be made available under licence for Evaluation or Commercial use. It can handle common map formats (Here, TomTom, OSM) and historical and real-time traffic data. The output route description can include a wide variety of map-independent and map-dependent formats as well as customers' own map IDs. Contact us at

Cotares Parking Tours

Cotares Parking Tours are designed to efficiently find a parking spot at the end of a journey using real time and historical parking probability data, now becoming available from a variety of suppliers. The journey calculation seamlessly joins a route, found by the Cotares Choice Router, to a Parking Tour which is within walking distance of the destination. There is a Help button which explains more about the demonstration, a Feedback button to ask for more explanation of a particular Parking Tour, and a drop-down menu of preset Parking Tours.

Cotares Choice Routing

Our routing engines incorporate Choice Routing™ - Cotares' own way of generating multiple diverse routes in parallel. The Routing Service is fully time-dependent and can handle real-time and historic traffic data. The routing Cost Function handles a variety of engine models including HVs and EVs. On a multi-core server it can generate over 100 routes per second. This demonstration runs with a complete Open Street Map World Map. You can drag the start or end points or set them using a right-click.